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East Carolina Softwash LLC is the highest-rated roof washing company in Raleigh and offers the best roof cleaning services in Raleigh NC.

If you have ever wondered where Raleigh roof cleaning is near me, then call our expert team today. We offer the best Raleigh roof cleaning thanks to our exclusive soft wash process that will leave your roof not only clean but with longer life.


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The black or brown staining seen on many roofs that are often mistaken for dirt or soot is a species of algae. These algae are transported through the air and collects on the exterior surfaces of your house, including your roof, where it feeds and grows. Left unchecked, these algae will feed off the limestone filler in your shingles, causing harmful damage and deterioration to your roof. This means your roof isn't just dirty -- it's contaminated!


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When this is the case, a soft wash roof cleaning is needed. The soft washing system East Carolina Softwash LLC utilizes cleans your roof and eradicates stain-causing microbes by killing 100% of these pests. Soft washing your roof lasts 4 to 6 times longer than conventional power washing. There's no algae regrowth – only new growth.

A roof soft washing is a small expense but makes a big difference by enhancing the look of your home. Our roof cleaning services also protect the investment you’ve made in your home by using biodegradable formulas that increase shingle life by up to 50%.

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We Offer Soft Washing Roof Cleaning in Raleigh North Carolina


Our soft washing roof cleaning in Raleigh North Carolina also protects the health of your family. Mold, mildew, fungi, and algae are included in the Top 10 Allergy Irritants list. Mold and fungi are also known to cause Sick Building Syndrome and Legionnaires Disease. Our roof cleaners use soft wash roof cleaning processes to eliminate these pests to ensure you and your family are protected and healthy.

Soft washing can also be used on any surfaces where algae and bacteria grow such as concrete, brick, tile, wood, vinyl siding, aluminum, and more. Our experienced team not only soft washes roofs but can also clean the exterior surfaces of your home, business, or multi-unit housing. East Carolina Softwash LLC offers not only roof washing in Raleigh, NC but also a variety of soft washing services for both residential and commercial clients.


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We are proud to serve the city of Raleigh, NC, and its surrounding communities. Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and is home to many governmental and educational institutions such as North Carolina State University. The city's founding fathers called this area the "City of Oaks" and dedicated themselves to maintaining the area's wooded areas and grassy parks.

Whether you need roof soft cleaning in Raleigh, NC, or soft washing services for your business, call East Carolina Softwash LLC today. We offer top-rated services and are constantly educating ourselves on the newest and best techniques. We believe in providing our clients with only the best customer service. Nothing but 100% satisfaction will do!

We offer all of the following services to Raleigh NC and the surrounding area: Pressure washing, house washing, & roof cleaning!