SoftWash Systems

What Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is an alternative to pressure/power washing that does not use damaging high pressure. Soft washing thoroughly cleans up surface areas and kills the bacteria that are the root reason of discoloration on roofing systems and also other structure surfaces.

How Do I Know Soft Washing Works?

Soft washing was developed over twenty years ago. It has been thoroughly tested and it has been utilized in huge Florida resorts, such as Disney, Universal Studios, and government setups. In addition, over 100,000 roofing systems have actually been successfully cleaned up utilizing Soft Washing.

Why Is Soft Washing Superior To Pressure Washing?

Soft washing eradicates the microorganisms that cause staining, whereas pressure washing simply cleans off the surface layer. Additionally, soft washing does not use harmful high pressure, unlike pressure washing, and soft washing treatments last far longer compared to pressure washing treatments.

How Long Will A Soft Washing Treatment Last?

Normally, a soft washing treatment will last at least four times as long as pressure washing, before staining reoccurs. In many circumstances, our treatments last much longer than one year.

Why Is It Important To Eradicate Microorganisms?

Microorganisms such as mold, mildew, algae, lichen, and bacteria are responsible for most staining on roofing systems and also other surfaces. Additionally, byproducts of the metabolic rate of these organisms are acidic, and also damaging to surface areas such as roof shingles. Eliminating these bacteria prevents staining and raises the longevity of roofs, fencings, and decks.

Is Soft Washing Safe?

The cleaning solutions used in our SoftWash System are 100% biodegradable as well as have really low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions. Our cleaning services are non-toxic and also will not release any unsafe chemicals into the area surrounding your property.

Is Soft Washing Environmentally Friendly?

Soft Washing is far more environmentally friendly than pressure/power washing, for the following reasons:

  • Every one of our cleaning solutions are 100% naturally degradable.
  • Our cleansing services have extremely low VOCs.
  • We only use 1/3 the water of pressure washing.
  • Our cleanings last four to six times longer than pressure washing, so cleaning is not required as frequently.
  • Our SoftWash Systems cleanings preserve materials, such as roof shingles, conserving consumers' money, and creating less waste in landfills brought on by debris connected with roofing, fence, and deck replacement.
What Types Of Surfaces Can Be Cleaned With Soft Washing?

In addition to roofs, we clean all types of building siding, decks, fencings, concrete and brick surfaces. Soft washing can be utilized on all kinds of building materials consisting of wood, brick, concrete, aluminum, vinyl exterior siding, shingles, and a lot more!

Is Soft Washing Guaranteed?

We fully guarantee all of our work. If any staining or development of microorganisms reoccurs on your roof we have soft washed within one year of our treatment, we'll provide one complimentary clean. Additionally, we have a Five-Year Spot Free Warranty. If any type of discoloration persists within 5 years of our treatment we will clean it once again, at a prorated cost.

Will the cleaning solution damage my plants, pets or family?

Specific plant and property protection training has been completed and protective measures are part of our everyday operating procedures!  People, plants and pets remain safe!  All of our solutions are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. We ask that pets and their families stay in doors until the job is complete. Certainly we understand people need to come and go. This is accomplished with just a little coordination in the work area. Pets are free to go outside once the job is complete and the work site is cleaned up.

Our crew is trained to do everything within our power to protect plant and property! We pre-wet all nearby plants and vegetation as a precaution, then continue as needed during the cleaning and treatment just to be extra protective to your plant beds. We take plant protection one step further and apply a proprietary plant wash containing plant nutrients, a chemical neutralizer and apply to all nearby plants and vegetation as an added precaution once the job is complete! This plant wash and rinse is specially formulated to mitigate any potential concerns. Some customers say this is the first time in a long time their plants have been fertilized, watered and treated so well!

East Carolina Softwash takes every foreseeable precaution to insure that your landscaping and personnel property are protected and remain in the same condition or better than when we arrived at your site.